The best composite is long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Avoid first generation, or mono-extruded, composites. Instead, choose a co-extruded bamboo or PVC-based composite with a substantial warranty from an established company. Consider a composite line which offers a range of finishes to ensure satisfaction with the end look as well as the final functionality.


ApexTM decking is an exceptionally high quality co-extruded composite decking line by Eva-Last®. Its revolutionary lightweight foamed PVC core provides the strength and durability of much heavier boards, but at a significantly lighter weight which increases its versatility, and makes installation easier and more efficient. Its aesthetic has been lauded internationally and is often considered the most natural-looking finish on the composite market. This co-extruded range of decking uses the highest grade of premium acrylic polymer, and is backed by an industry leading 25-year warranty for stain and fade resistance.


InfinityTM is the premium line of composite decking offered by Eva-Last®. It is created using the latest in co-extruded bamboo-plastic composite (BPC) technology. Its BPC structure offers you the ultimate in composite durability, and long-lasting stability. It is ensured by an industry leading 25-year warranty, which includes coverage for stain, fade and scratch-resistance. InfinityTM is can be found in a handsome range of carefully crafted colours and patterns to give the aesthetic of timber without the maintenance or environmental impact.


I-SeriesTM innovatively combines InfinityTM decking technology with the I-beam shape, to create the strongest, most durable semi-solid composite board available. I-SeriesTM boards can span up to 500 mm centre to centre, an unprecedented feat until now. It’s lighter weight, easier to transport to and on site, and requires less substructure material and fasteners than traditional timber or composite profiles. To top it all off, I-SeriesTM production has nearly zero waste, making this new composite as eco-friendly as it is consumer-friendly.


Composite decking is an alternative to timber decking that’s lower-maintenance, longer lasting and eco-friendlier. While not all composite is created equal, the general gist is that with composite we can preserve natural resources while adding beauty and function to our homes and outdoor spaces.

Composite decking is an alternative to timber decking that’s lower-maintenance, longer lasting and eco-friendlier. While not all composite is created equal, the general gist is that with composite we can preserve natural resources while adding beauty and function to our homes and outdoor spaces.


Composite decking is different from timber and other synthetic decking. It provides reliable functionality, requires substantially less upkeep, and is kinder to the environment. It’s hardy enough for the outdoor applications traditionally done in wood – and is available in natural-looking finishes– but its lifestyle and environmental advantages make it more user-friendly and eco-conscious than timber.

Composite decking can be used in nearly all applications for which we previously used timber decking. However, unlike wooden decking, composite can be made using recycled and reused raw ingredients; preserving trees from felling and keeping waste out of our landfills. The “blend” of these ingredients through the specialised extrusion process creates decking planks which are free of the imperfections found in timber, making composite profiles more consistent and often easier to work with. And, perhaps most important for your daily life, composite content can include additives that help ward off or completely eliminate the hassles which plague traditional timber decking.

Original, or first-generation composites (also known as mono-extruded) had inconsistent performances, leaving some skeptical of synthetic decking. However, given the great potential of a low-maintenance, eco-friendly decking alternative, significant engineering energy has been devoted to this industry. And the results are staggering. Today’s quality composite is not just an equal alternative to wooden decking, but a superior option. The cumbersome, heavy solid composite boards of yesteryear have given way to stronger, lighter planks that offer exceptional span capabilities. Finnicky first-generation hollow composite boards have been revised into planks with the shape and structural integrity of I-beams.

High quality composite should be resistant to warping, rotting, twisting, cracking, splitting, splintering, significant fading, heat absorption, moisture absorption, scratching, staining and mold. Yes, really. It is designed for long-term usage without the need for sealants, or other potentially harmful chemicals. It is a low-maintenance product that lets you enjoy your deck, rather than continually care for it.

Today’s composite engineering is able to create lighter weight boards with significant span capabilities which lessen the amount of decking substructure needed and speed up installation. Some composites are designed with a convenient side groove to make installation all the more efficient by allowing the use of hidden clipping systems. As an added bonus, these clips create a seamless end finish and help to control the expansion and contraction of the boards.

The look of modern co-extruded composites is now as varied and versatile as that of natural wood. Composite can be produced in a range of colours, textures and finishes, some mimicking the look of hardwood and some distinctively modern or otherwise unique. Cutting-edge colour technology provides the subtle shade nuances found in different varieties of hardwoods to give your quality composite a more natural feel.

Most top-line composites now come equipped with capping, or durable coating, which protects the core of the plank and allows for a more detailed aesthetic. Capped composite boards can be fully or only partially capped. There may be certain projects where partial capping will suffice. However, full capping offers increased protection and durability. Carefully check the extent of capping provided on different composite boards. A fully capped board should include capping even in the side groove of the plank.

Just as with timber decking, composite decking ranges in quality. Always check the warranty of the composite you’re considering and learn where and how its composition has been tested.

Be wary of first-generation or mono-extruded composites, particularly hollow boards. While the good intention was there, the engineering know-how was often not. Plastic decking may be able to meet the technical definition of composite, but may also be more susceptible to breaking – and give an off-putting unnatural look. Cheaper hollow and solid co-extruded composite boards are an upgrade to first-generation, but may not offer the same level of performance as the better boards available. Hollow boards are more likely to absorb moisture, and cheaply finished boards may peel or scratch over time.

Capped co-extruded composite is designed for high functionality and may be a viable, economical composite choice. Lightweight, capped cellular PVC decking is the top shelf option in composite. Bamboo composite offers even greater strength, flexibility and environmental advantages. This is what you want for the longest lasting, lowest maintenance decking. Check to see how much capping is provided, and consider the application for which it will be used. Choose solid planks for balconies or other projects where the underside of boards may be seen. I-Series boards may be a better fit for residential decks, due to their cutting-edge benefits and usability.

Of course, the look of your decking is also a critical factor in choosing which composite to use. While the best look is up to you, consider the full extent of the product offerings. Established composite brands should be able to offer a range of accessories, like siding and cladding, that will give your entire outdoor project a uniform – or deliberately complementary – end look. An established composite company should also have a strong track record of honouring warranty claims when necessary, and creating a reliable product that rarely has need of making a warranty claim.


In one word: bamboo. Eva-Last® composite uses bamboo as a key raw ingredient, which improves the product flexural strength, overall strength, versatility and sustainability. Bamboo composite eliminates the need for any wooden particles, and, thus, eliminates the potential for moisture absorption. It’s naturally hypoallergenic with greater tensile strength than steel, and can withstand compression better than concrete. Plus, bamboo rejuvenates over 30 times faster than traditional hardwoods used for decking, releases 35% more oxygen into our air and is made into our composite with almost no wastage.

The composite engineering technology at Eva-Last® sets the international standard. We have been manufacturing and internationally distributing composite decking for over 12 years – and fully capped decking for over 7 years. Our track record shows 0% failures on fully capped deck boards and less than 1% on first-generation products. We are the fastest growing composite decking distributor and the first to implement I-beam design to further the capabilities of our boards.

Eva-Last® is a holistically green company. Our composite uses renewable and recycled raw ingredients to replace the need for felling trees. And we do it all with renewable energy. Our composite is manufactured solely through the might of solar power. We have been recognised internationally for our green product, green product methods and for pushing the paradigm of how great green can be.


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